DIY copying, commissioning copies

Copies can be made only after appraisal of the work by the staff of the reading room. The rules are set out in the regulations for use. The prices for reproductions and copies you will find in the price list (list of charges).

Commissioned research
The Austrian National Library is on principle placed at the disposal of all clients who have completed 15 years of life. The catalogues of the Austrian National Library and of other Austrian libraries and libraries of other countries are there for your independent consultation. Increasingly clients, publishing houses, and other institutions are discontinuing research and are commissioning that time-consuming search to our experienced staff. The professionals in the section Use and Information of the Department of Manuscripts and Old Books fulfil those wishes and offer as a service to take over literary research from printed materials with date of publication up to 1850 inclusive.
Commissioned research is payable, since the staff spend a lot of time and devote themselves exclusively to each individual commissioned task. For the various methods of delivery (by post, fax, or e-mail) varied charges are added. Before a task is carried out a written order must be given. In that you should give topic and possible search criteria.

For graduate theses, dissertations, technical theses, lectures to schools/universities and so on literary lists are not put together by our staff, since that work is an essential part of the task that must be performed by the writer/speaker.

Commissioned reproductions
We ask you to observe the general rules governing the preparation of reproductions. Please send by e-mail, post, or fax to the section Use and Information of the Departrment of Manuscripts and Old Books (see contact) your order for printed materials that appeared up to the year 1850 inclusive.
On bookkeeping grounds orders sent by e-mail or fax can be fulfilled only after you have informed us of your complete postal address.

Contact for commissions for reproductions

Austrian National Library, Dep. of Manuscripts and Rare Books
Josefsplatz 1
1015 Wien
Fax: (+43 1) 534 10-250

last update 10/7/2013