Research on holdings

Incunabula (Alt-Ink) and the holdings in Rara- (Alt-Rara), CP- (Alt-CP) and Collection of Bindings (Alt-Einb) are removed once a week on grounds of conservation. The day of removal is always Wednesday. Orders that reach us by Tuesday are kept in mind.
Please note that orders that reach us after Wednesday inclusive cannot be processed until the week after.

The incunabula of the Austrian National Library are in the census of incunabula of Austria and shown with the call number necessary for placing orders. For 1,400 titles of the alphabetical list of authors A to B there is the documentation in the incunabula catalogue of the Austrian National Library, with specific references to each incunabula, prepared by Otto Mazal ( ÖNB-Ink vol.1, 2004).
These holdings can already be researched online in the NB-OPAC. The records of all incunabula bibles are already linked to the fully digitized copies, including a table of contents of the bible's books.

The whole historical holdings of printed works from 1501 onwards can be researched in the NB-OPAC (QuickSearch).

The holdings of Sinica (Chinese) are published in a printed catalogue that is to be found in the main reading room, and set out in the form of a card index. Within the framework of a project those holdings of Chinese books have recently been catalogued anew by autopsy and incorporated in the NB-OPAC (QuickSearch).

The holdings of Japonica are also present in the form of a card index and are presently catalogued anew according to modern standards.

Catalogues and databases

Inkunabelzensus Österreich (Census of Incunabula)
NB-OPAC (QuickSearch)  



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