The Austrian National Library user’s card includes an entitlement to use the collection, in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant User Regulations. The use of autograph and audio-visual materials is permissible only by prior arrangement (and depends upon the academic purpose and issues relating to conservation and copy right). It is not permissible to borrow printed materials from the specialist library for off-site use.

Regulations for use


Photocopies can be ordered by submitting a copy form to the Collection staff, provided there are no reasons for refusal on conservation or copy right grounds. Only a restricted number of photo copies can be provided. The production of scans and CDs, and saving data using electronic data carriers require special applications.


Loans for exhibitions

Applications for loans are to be delivered in writing to the directorate of the Archives with details of the desired objects (if possible with call numbers), with the name of the person wishing to borrow, and the title, place, and duration of the exhibition.



Floor plan

1st floor: reading room and directorate

2nd floor: administration and secretariat


Literaturarchiv der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek / Literary Archives of the Austrian National Library
Gottfried-von-Einem-Stiege, Michaelerplatz 1
PO box 308
1015 Wien
Tel.: (+43 1) 534 10-327
Fax: (+43 1) 534 10-340

last update 10/3/2013