Frauen in Bewegung


Project description

Within the framework of this project, ARIADNE aims to set up an online digital archive, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the Austrian women's movement. In order to achieve this aim, the social and historico-cultural surroundings will also be investigated and the documentation will include:

A systematic (e.g. recording of entries from biographical reference materials) as well as associative approach (i.e. addition of relevant facts and materials resulting from further insights gained during the documentation process) will be adopted while working on the project. This will ensure the development of an extensive knowledge base, which will consequently be used for the creation of the online archive. A main focus will be on collecting unknown and less well-known literature about the women's movement in the Danube monarchy, which will thus provide an extensive overview and solid basis for political discourse on women's issues. Not only documents that were published in the regions of the Danube monarchy or were written by Austrian authors and published abroad will be included in the documentation. We also want to present selected literature on women's issues from other European countries because they had significant influence on the national women's movement. The time frame we have chosen for inclusion of publications is from 1848 (foundation of the 1st Viennese Democratic Women's Association) to 1918 (end of the 1st World War and of the Habsburg monarchy).

The project is being carried out in cooperation with the following departments and collections of the Austrian National Library: Department for Reference & Information Services, Department for Reprography, Portraits & Picture Collection, Information Technology Services. The online presentation of selected sources will be done in connection with the Austrian Literature Online (ALO) project, a collaboration that has existed since summer 2002. It is our task to scan the selected documents which can then be stored on the ALO operated server of the University of Innsbruck. The presented documents all belong to the Austrian National Library's collection and all efforts will be taken to acknowledge the copyright to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, since many of the authors are widely unknown/forgotten, then a breach of copyright might unintentionally occur. Should this be the case, then we would kindly ask those persons who have the rights to these publications to contact us directly. Any request to delete publications protected by copyright from the server will be complied with immediately. The project AEIOU - the cultural server of the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture - will be consulted to help us to link names and concepts from Austrian art and culture.
A major source of inspiration for our project was the following publication: Anderson, Harriet: Vision und Leidenschaft : die Frauenbewegung im Fin de Si├Ęcle Wiens. Wien: Deuticke, 1994 (in English: Utopian Feminism : Women's Movements in fin-de-siècle Vienna. 1992)

We are aware that this project can only succeed if people actively respond to it. We would therefore ask all people who have any connections to the history of the Austrian women's movement to contact us. You would be valuable partners and we would be extremely grateful for your suggestions, requests and advice. We will also attempt to take your suggestions into consideration with respect to the preferential digitisation of publications from our source material.

Telephone: +43 1 53410/457 and 487
Postal Address: Josefsplatz 1, A-1014 Wien

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Last Update: 22nd March 2004