Exhibitions and Loans

Before an object may be exhibited its condition is judged in the Institute for Conservation and if necessary conservation steps are taken. Mounting (passepartout, frames) and presentation (book cradles as support for open books, UV-filters) are adapted to each object. For objects that are to be sent as loans and whose condition allows for lengthy transport, the maximum allowable climatic conditions and the actual condition are described in a condition report. That is then handed to the courier who accompanies the objects to the place of exhibition.

At exhibitions certain climatic conditions must be provided to prevent changes to the objects. In general the temperature should be between 18 and 20°C and the relative humidity between 45 and 50%. Since books, prints, and photographs belong to those objects which are particularly sensitive to light, the light intensity at the surface should not exceed 50 lux.



last update 2/3/2016