State Hall

The State Hall is the heart of the Austrian National Library. It is among the world’s most beautiful library rooms. Emperor Charles VI (1685/1711-1740) ordered the construction of this jewel of secular Baroque architecture for his Court Library.

Papyrus Museum

The showcases in the Papyrus Museum exhibit some 200 objects. Among them is the oldest papyrus in the collection, dating to the middle of the 2nd millenium BC and the most recent papers from the Islamic world of the 13th century AD.

Globe Museum

The Globe Museum displays more than 250 globe and globe-like instruments such as armillary spheres, planetariums, and telluriums. The associated department of studies has a further 450 globes at its disposal.

Esperanto Museum

The Esperanto Museum of the Austrian National Library conveys, on its 80 square metres of museum arranged in a modern style, the vicissitudes of the history of Esperanto, and as well presents in a general way the topic of the relationship of man and language.

Literature Museum

The Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library presents Austrian literature from the 18th century to the present – comprehensively and in all its variety

last update 2/3/2016