The Map Department administers about 295,000 maps, 43,000 geographic-topographic views, 800.000 picture postcards, 700 globes, 100 reliefs and models of fortresses, and about 83,000 volumes of technical literature and atlases.

Research on holdings

The entire holdings in maps – independent of the year of publication – can be researched in QuickSearch

Globe Museum

The Globe Museum displays more than 250 globe and globe-like instruments such as armillary spheres, planetariums, and telluriums. The associated department of studies has a further 450 globes at its disposal.

Map Department

The Map Department of the Austrian National Library was founded in 1906, but maps had been collected for the former Imperial Court Library as early as the 16th century.
After the end of the First World War a decisive expansion of the holdings took place through the acquisition of maps, atlases, and geographic-topographic views (views of cities and landscapes) of the former Habsburg Family Fidei commis Library, of the Albertina Graphics Collection, and of the Military Geographic Institute. Since 1953 the Map Department has been joined by the world’s only globe museum, which displays and makes accessible to the public the world’s second most important collection of old globes and instruments linked to globes.


Map Department
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