Research on holdings


A series of databases and digitised catalogues support your research among the holdings of the Department.


ÖNB-HANNA catalogue
The database contains all medieval and modern western manuscripts of the shelfmark groups Cod. 1 up to Cod. 15500 and Cod. Ser. n. 10000 upwards.

Digitised catalogues
Thanks to cooperation with the German manuscript forum Manuscripta Mediaevalia several catalogues of holdings are accessible online. Apart from the volume catalogues on European manuscripts (cod. 1 bis cod. 15500 and cod. ser. n. 1 up to cod. ser. n. 9999), there are specialised catalogues on the Old German, Croatian, Polish, and Czech manuscripts. In addition there is a complete series of descriptive explanations of illuminated manuscripts and incunabula. From the Sonderfonds-area catalogues are offered on Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Greek  manuscripts.


ÖNB-HANNA catalogue
The database contains the old holdings of autographs of the Department of Manuscripts recorded after 1828, and new acquisitions after 1998. As well, correspondence from closed collections can be partially researched. Items of correspondence (e.g., that of the Court Librarian Hugo Blotius) that were bound together as codices are searchable too.

Closed Collections

ÖNB-HANNA catalogue

Closed collections, work manuscripts, and other documents are recorded here partly as individual entries, but also partly as collective entries.

Files and records of the Library

In this database you can research the administration files and records of the directorate general from the years 1575-1908, 1920-1924 and 1938-1940.

Literature on manuscripts, autographs, and closed collections, etc.

Literature on manuscripts
Using this database you can make a targeted search for secondary literature on particular manuscripts, autographs, and closed collections of the Department. In addition, the files and records of he Court Library and incunabula are included. The call numbers to be found there refer mostly to the Department Library.

last update 12/2/2015