Digital Library

Mission statement and aims

As a part of its strategy with the Digital Library the Austrian National Library has given itself these aims:

  • To build up digital collections consisting of digitised and "born digital" resources.
  • To conform to international standards in management of digital collections.
  • To give access to these digital collections to scholars and the broader public with the appropriate interfaces, meanwhile respecting the wishes of users and the legal requirements.
  • To store these digital collections in long-term archives, since they are part of the cultural heritage of Austria.
  • To make the offerings of the library known to the public, so as to aid in the development of an informed society in Austria, to offer democratic and egalitarian access to information, and to encourage life-long learning.
  • To conduct research and development at international and national levels, to introduce technologies of textual recognition and search engines, to optimise strategies of long-term archiving, and to improve digital services.

Digital Library Main Department

Main Department Director
Mag. Bettina Kann
Josefsplatz 1
A-1015 Wien
(+43 1) 534 10-448

last update 9/3/2015