Renting premises

Renting representative premises for events

The Austrian National Library is one of the most important libraries of the world. For centuries, it served as the principal knowledge center of the Habsburg Empire. Today, nine special collections hold priceless treasures. Many of them have been awarded a Memory of the World by UNESCO. Located in the heart of Vienna and being part of the historical complex of the Hofburg, the former Imperial Palace, the imposing premises of the Austrian National Library offer a suitable ambiance for exclusive events – either in a classical or modern atmosphere. Additionally highlights may include a concert, a reading, guided tours or a ceremony on the occasion of becoming a book patron. A free choice of catering, technical equipment and decoration companies allows further flexibility in the organization of your event.

Your guests will enjoy unforgettable hours in baroque splendour or contemporary ambiance.


Rooms and details

State Hall

State Hall

The State Hall of the Austrian National Library – the former Imperial Court Library – is considered the most beautiful library hall in the world. Built from 1723 to 1726 at the time of Emperor Karl VI, today it is known as a Gesamtkunstwerk in baroque style. The architects were Fischer von Erlach father and his son. The marvellous frescos were painted by Daniel Gran. Approximately 200,000 books are kept in the State Hall, including the private library of Prince Eugene. The State Hall offers an exclusive setting for official festive occasions, concerts or presentations.


  • Camineum
  • Sala Terrena
  • Atrium

In its contemporary elegant style, whether minimalistically or lavishly decorated, the Aurum offers a charming contrast to the baroque opulence of the State Hall. It used to be part of the imperial stables before it was turned into a book storage. Today three adjacent areas – Camineum, Sala Terrena and Atrium – allow various opportunities for choice in planning of events such as receptions, conferences, dinners and product presentations. The rooms are especially suitable for corporations or organizations preferring to create their own special atmosphere through colour and decoration.

Augustinian Wing

  • Oratory and Engelraum
  • Refectory
  • Van Swieten Room
  • Lounge and Engelraum
Oratorium dekoriert

Monastic formality, baroque opulence and contemporary flair – these exciting contrasts can be found in the Augustinian Wing. The Oratory of the Augustinian monastery was transformed into an imperial family dining room at the beginning of the 19th century. That impressive room, displaying rich garlands of fruits made of white stucco in the barrel vault is particularly suitable for dinners, readings and concerts. For smaller events like presentations and press conferences and for private events, the Refectory, the Van Swieten Room and the Lounge, individually or as a complex, are also at your disposal.

Augustinian Reading Room

Augustinian Reading Room

The Augustinian Reading Room, the former library hall of the Augustinian monastery, offers a splendid location for unforgettable evenings. Antique reading tables add to the baroque ambience of the monastic reading room, where exclusive dinners can be served. The reading room ceiling is covered with a fresco painted by Johann Bergl. Surrounded by valuable books, your event can be further enhanced by a classical music performance.

Palais Mollard

  • Salon Hoboken
  • Salon Coronelli
  • Salon Clary
Salon Coronelli dekoriert
Salon Coronelli

Events in the Palais Mollard beautifully combine the baroque feeling for life and a splendid ambience. The three salons of the Beletage are interconnected to give a representative setting for the most diverse events. In the Salon Hoboken a solemn dinner turns into a baroque feast, and the Bösendorfer piano can make it a music room, if desired. The elegant and more intimate Salon Coronelli is as suitable for receptions as it is for holding lectures. The Salon Clary makes it a perfect reception area for special meetings in the other rooms.

Staff cost

In general at least one supervisor from the staff of the Austrian National Library must be present during the setup and dismantling of an event. During the event, a number of staff fixed by the authorities must be present. It must further be noted that for moving of equipment belonging to the Austrian National Library (chairs, podia, etc.) staff costs will be charged.

The costs for preparation of the rooms, setup, supervision during the event and technical service are specified in the price list below.

Price per hour

Location- / Crew manager (up to 5 people) € 25.00
Junior security staff € 20.00
Cloakroom attendant € 20.00
Security € 20.50
Audio technician, technical set up € 31.00
all prices plus 20% VAT

Please note, that there is a three hours-minimum per categorie of staff, that will be charged.

Cleaning services

Cleaning will be provided by the facility services company Germania. For the duration of the event, one person is required to attend to cleaning the floor and looking after the bathrooms.

Price per hour

Monday to Saturday 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. € 17.83
Monday to Saturday 6 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sunday and bank holiday,
(plus 1 hour strech)
€ 35.69
all prices plus 20% VAT

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