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Here you will find access to the most important libraries, places of documentation, and databases in the field of research on women and gender studies in Europe.

Libraries dealing specifically with women’s matters, places of documentation, and research institutes in Europe (see German version)

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Databases with emphasis on research on women and gender studies

African Women's Bibliographic Database
English language database (beginning 1974) indexes over 40,000 articles from over 325 English language and multi-lingual journals and periodicals that specialize in African Studies or consistently cover the African continent.
Archiv der Deutschen Frauenbewegung
Material on the history of the women’s movement in Germany in the period 1800 to 1967. This database contains the holdings of books and periodicals of the library of the archives of the German women’s movement. Contributions from compendia that are relevant to the topics in this database are sometimes presented as individual works or listed as works included in the compendium with title/author.
Bibliotheque Marguerite Durand
Catalogu accessible via "Catalogue des bibliothèques municipales spécialisées" in Paris.
Datenbank Frauen- und Geschlechterforscherinnen
This scholarly database on research on women and gender studies serves to inform about women experts in that field and their areas of work.
Database of Instruments for Gender Mainstreaming accessible via "Amazone" (http://db.amazone.be/digma/en).
Early Modern Women Database
A database operated by experts with links to www sources of research on women in early modern times in Europe and America. The period in focus is from 1500 to 1800.
European Database: Women in Decision Making
Women in decisive political positions in the states of the European Union.
The database “Women of International Importance” of the Institute for Feminist Biographic Research under Luise F. Pusch.
Feministisch theologischer Online Schlagwortkatalog
Literature on feminist theory, philosophy, sociology and medical ethics of the Protestant and Catholic Faculties at the Ruhr University in Bochum.
This online database is a literary database on topics relevant to women and feminism. It includes at the moment more than 42,000 references. Monthly update (2,000 titles a year).
Secondary literature on feminist literary research and gender studies with a clear emphasis on British and American literature of all periods.
Gifts of Speech
Full text of speeches by prominent contemporary women (from Bella Abzug to Rigoberta Menchu to Janet Yellen), mostly from Anglo-American areas.
glbtq/online queer encyclopedia
An online-encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & queer culture.
This online catalogue offers periodicals, books, "grey literature", pictorial and sound documents on the homosexual and lesbian movements.
An online catalogue of the large holdings of the "International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement" in Amsterdam.
Inventar Frauenbewegung in Deutschland 1968-1995
The inventory "Neue Frauenbewegung" (New Women’s Movement) presents the first comprehensive database with archival material from the Federal Republic of (West) Germany and the GDR, including West and East Berlin. Published by FFBIZ Berlin.
Online catalogue of the library of the Danish Information Centre for Research on Women and Gender Studies. Included are contents of books (titles of essays, chapter headings, etc).
Interdisciplinary database with references - in English, Swedish and many other languages - from the Göteborg University Library collections, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. The references consist of books, journals, articles, chapters, pamphlets, research reports etc. The database now includes about 100,000 references from 1970 onwards. English is the predominant language. Since the year 2003 KVINNSAM is a part of LIBRIS, the Swedish National Database. 
Literaturdokumentation - Frauen im Arbeitsfeld Wissenschaft und Forschung
Documents on the work and life situations of women active in science and research (publications, university theses, and research reports, as well as articles from newspapers, periodicals, and compendia) from Austria and Germany. Gathered by the inter-university coordination unit for women’s and gender studies, Graz.
Mapping the World
Details on institutions informing on women’s matters all over the world – from Argentina to Zambia. Of course Ariadne is there too. .
Medieval Feminist Index
Articles from periodicals and books, reviews and essays on the topics woman, sexuality, and gender in the Middle Ages.
Minna Database
Database to search for the contact and background information of those experts who apply a gender perspective in their field of work or study in Finland. This includes experts working in the fields of women's or gender studies, gender equality, sexual and gender minorities etc. at universities, NGO's and public administration.
Online catalogue of the archives of the Women’s and Lesbians’ Movement (Vienna): monographs, compendia, grey literature, periodicals.
A bibliography on historical women’s and gender studies of the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam.
An Amsterdam second-hand bookshop with good holdings of German-language literature as well.
Women in Politics
This database was developed with help from the "United Nations Development Programme" (UNDP). Books and articles can be searched by region and by topic.
Women's Human Rights Resources (WHRR)
Books, articles, links (partly in full text), can be searched by specific topics. Put together by the Bora Laskin Law Library of the University of Toronto.
Women's Studies Core Books
Book titles currently in print are selected by academic librarians who volunteer to maintain a subject area. The project assists Women's Studies librarians and collection development librarians in building Women's Studies collections and can also serve as a guide to instructional faculty in selecting available course readings.
Zenska Infoteka
INDOC: On-line database of women’s groups mostly from Eastern Europe, created as a results of work in REWIND NET project.
Library catalogue: On-line catalogue searched by title, author, subject and key words.


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