Ariadne database

Since 1992 we have been working on setting up a database for non-independent literature (articles in periodicals, contributions in anthologies, etc.). In doing so we are opening up the holdings of the Austrian National Library with the following main areas of interest:

  • Austriaca (= literature on/by Austrians or on Austria)
  • International standard works, especially in the area of humanities
  • "Grey literature" (appearing outside the publishing field)

Access to ...

Instructions on use:

The database entries are formally indexed with special attention to content areas (feminist catchwords, systematics, partial abstracts and commentaries). Publications in German and English are given particular attention, but also those in other European languages. Searching in the database can be done either by search heading (author(s), title, subject, key words, etc.), or by using logical combinations (AND, OR).

Please order literature found in our Ariadne database in the same way as for other books or periodicals in the Austrian National Library.



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