The books in the holdings of the Austrian National Library are listed in the main catalogues. To use a work, order it either online or an the information desk. The book ordered will then be put out for you under your name in the relevant reading room. the holdings of the Austrian National Library

You can find books in the holdings of the Austrian National Library in the three main catalogues. The catalogues offer you various options for searching a work and the possibility of ordering the desired work online for the reading room.

Please note that in the “Catalogue from 1992 on” all those books are listed which were acquired from 1992 on. For that reason you will also find in that Catalogue books with a year of publication before 1992.

Thematic searches in the Catalogues

„Key word“ = search in the key words
„Subject“ = search in the title and key word simultaneously (at present that is possible only in the “Catalogue from 1992 on”). 

Through "Blättern im Index" (scrolling through the index) you can check in every catalogue which key words are present and applied. Type in the index your desired key word or the initials, choose “Key word” in the drop-down-menu and click on “Search”.
You will receive an alphabetically ordered list of the applied key words and you will see at the same time how often they occur in the catalogue.

...if the work sought is not in the ANL?

If you cannot find the desired work in the Austrian National Library, look for it in catalogues of other libraries (see “Austrian and foreign catalogues”).

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