In the Papyrus Museum there are about 200 objects on permanent display.

About the Museum

The Papyrus Museum regularly presents objects from the Papyrus Collection in exhibitions on specific topics.

Department of Papyri

The Papyrus Collection with its 180.000 objects is one of the largest in the world. In October 2001 the Collection was included in UNESCO's list "Memory of the World" as a world documentation heritage site.

Papyrus Museum

The Papyrus Museum, with about 200 objects on display, shows only a fraction of the holdings of the Collection. The objects on display range from the oldest papyrus in the collection, a Book of the Dead from the middle of the second millennium BC, to documents of the Islamic period written on paper in the 13th century AD. These objects illustrate the life of people living in the Nile Valley over a period of three thousand years.


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