Austrian National Bibliography

The Austrian Bibliography is published by the Austrian National Library and has been available online since 2003.

In the list of new Austrian publications are included all new works published or printed in Austria which are delivered in conformity with the media law as obligatory copies to the Austrian National Library. Once a year appear in the framework of the A series the Sonderhefte Musica practica (Special issues of Musica practica) and Maps, which contain respectively music prints and geographical maps.

Series B and C, which till 1999 appeared in printed form, are easy to research as database excerpts found in the catalogue of the Austrian National Library.

Austrian Bibliography online

A series: list of new publications in Austria
Every second week online publications appear; since 2003 they have replaced the printed version of Austrian Bibliography. They list up-to-date all media published or printed in Austria.
B series: list of Austrian tertiary theses
Database excerpts from the catalogue of the Austrian National Library containing all Austrian tertiary theses that have been processed in the Austrian National Library since 2000.

Austrian Bibliography

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