The Frescos in the “peace wing”

Aurora: lunette over the first pair of columns in the “peace wing”

In the northern part of the Hall, opposite the present visitors’ entrance, there was an entrance for the courtiers and the Emperor. According to the iconographic program of Conrad Adolph von Albrecht, this is where the tour should start.
The visitor first catches a glimpse in the “circular arch”, the lunette resting on two massive columns, the fresco of "Aurora Musis benigna". This fresco, depicting Apollo’s chariot of the sun as a solar disc, and to the side of that Aurora, the dawn that drives away the demons of the night, bears also the initials of Daniel Grans and the year 1726.

The connection of the orderly, eternally repeated flow of days and years with the course of an orderly rule is an integral part of the allegorical presentation of history in the iconography of European ruling houses. It is continued in the ornamental emblazonment and the golden grisailles arranged in stripes which frame the ceiling picture in this area. This fresco presents “Divina Sapientia” and the “Study of Heavenly Things”: the “Eye of Divine Wisdom which sees everything”, Theology and the “Striving for Erudition”. The iconographic program of the “peace wing” is concluded with the presentation of Apollo in Parnassus in the “circular arch” at the side of the cupola space.

last update 10/3/2013