Forwarding charges

Sending of picture materials (incl. postage and wrapping).
When ordered pictures are sent by post, delivery is exclusively by COD.
Sending by a courier (e.g., by Fedex, DHL etc.) at the expense of the person ordering is an alternative possibility.
Ectachromes (slides) are also sent without COD.

Forwarding charges
Standard Austria
Inland 4.00
By COD 9.00
Standard EU/non-EU country
Priority EU/non-EU country 14.50
By COD up to 100 grams 18.00
By COD up to 350 grams 21.00
Standard overseas
Priority overseas 14.50
Up to 100 grams 10.00
Up to 350 grams 13.00

last update 10/3/2013