General information

The Austrian National Library offers a reproduction service for its own holdings against payment of costs. It has copying machines available in all area of use and facilitates the production of hard copies, microfilm copies, scans, as well as data saved using electronic media.

The user is solely responsible for respecting copyrights, personal rights and any other rights.

The Austrian National Library is Austria's central archive library. Consequently, reproductions of items from its holdings may only be carried out if stringent conservation requirements are met. In cases of doubt, the appropriate library staff will decide which kind of reproduction is possible.

Types of reproduction


The Library has copying machines available in all area of use and facilitates the production of hard copies. To avoid damage to the books, please do not apply strong pressure to the backs while doing your own copying. There is the possibility of making paper copies (so-called reader printer copies) of microfilms or microfiches. You may make these copies yourself or have them made by staff. Reader printer copies of security films may be made only by staff. So the job must be given in commission.

Digitised material, microfilm duplicates, photos

Making of digitised material (images) or microfilm duplicates can be requested in person at the book issue areas of Reading Room 1 and 4. There is also a public scanner at your disposal. New microfilms of holdings are no longer being made. Please order instead digital reproductions. Production of analogues or digital photos of holdings of the Austrian National Library by clients themselves is not permitted. Information regarding photos, development of photos, and laboratory scans can be obtained from the Picture Archive.

Written ordering of reproductions

The Library accepts orders for scans and/or copies. For conservation and legal reasons there may be restrictions.

Reproductions of printed materials are dealt with

  • Concerning printed materials published from 1851 onwards:
    by the Department of Information Services
  • Concerning printed materials published before 1851: 
    by the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books 
  • Concerning objects from the Departments: 
    by the relevant Department

Ordered copies may be collected, upon notification, at the central collection and billing point, in the Picture Archives and Graphics Department.
For the dispatch of copies, any postage charges (depending on weight) and registered mail fees will be invoiced according to standard postal rates. For third-party countries (non-EU) and overseas, calculated bank costs to the sum of € 10,90 may be deducted in the case of free-of-charge bank transfer or credit card payment.
If electronic delivery is requested, the Austrian National Library shall be deemed to have rendered its services at the time the link or digital version of the ordered copies is sent.

Reproductions for use in publications

For reproductions for use for any other purpose beyond personal (private) use (in publications, exhibitions, on the Internet, &c) service charges are payable in addition to the processing fees. The person who ordered the material is also obliged to deliver a specimen copy of the publication to the Austrian National Library.

last update 10/3/2013