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The Department of Information Services specialise in complex, cross-referenced topics and questions relating to printed works published from 1851 onwards.
Enquiries based on printed materials published before 1851 are dealt with by the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books (Tel.: (+43 1) 534 10-477; e-mail:

Information sources used in research

Printed materials
Because it specialises in Austria-specific literature and Austrian authors, the Library has at its disposal unique information materials on Austria as a topic. Thanks to the mandatory deposit of all Austrian publications - and this requirement of deposition extended over the greater part of the Monarchy until 1918 - the whole of Austrian literature is available, as defined by the political boundaries that applied at the time. Since 1918 the Library has limited itself in foreign literature to the humanities.
Catalogues and databases
Apart from its own catalogues and databases, the Austrian National Library can offer privileged access to academic databases, thanks to licensing agreements.
Information Service staff have the know-how to filter relevant information from the flood of material on the World Wide Web, using appropriate search technologies.

Information Services Offered

Free-of-charge information
This covers simple enquiries that can be answered within 30 minutes, by looking them up in a range of reference works (e.g. publishing house provenance, completing bibliographical citations, brief biographical information, etc).

Book a Librarian - information for a fee
Literature searches, detailed bibliographical enquiries or subject-matter searches normally exceeding 30 minutes free-of-charge research.
As part of research-to-order, our information experts use appropriate search strategies that will provide you with well-founded dossiers of material. As an extra, or as an alternative, you may of course also have a personal consultation session, allowing you to discuss an individual problem, or provide an input into the research.

The Austrian National Library hopes you will understand that orders for literature searches for final university theses cannot be accepted. This is because the literature search is an essential part of the student's assessed performance. However, we are happy to give advice on a literature search.


Research orders are charged at € 40.00 for the first hour and € 20.00 for each additional half hour (this is regardless of whether it proves possible to achieve the desired information outcome).
Charges are incurred only on the expiry of the free-of-charge search time and after the research order has been placed (Book a Librarian). Reproduction costs are charged additionally.

Order processing

For enquiries or research orders our staff at the Heldenplatz information desk are available in person (Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm), by telephone, by e-mail, or using the online form (Information service / Contact) . You will receive a reply within 24 hours (except for weekends and bank holidays).

Enquiry form

Training sessions

Apart from research orders, Information Services also offer training sessions on search strategies, databases and library catalogues. Training sessions for groups on individually selected topics are also available.

Reproduction services

Information Services accept orders for scans and/or copies of newspaper articles, essays, and chapters of printed works published from 1851. For conservation and legal reasons there may be restrictions.
Reproductions of printed materials published before 1851 are dealt with by the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books.

Heldenplatz information desk

Tel.: (+43 1) 534 10-444


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