The Austrian National Library offers in its Main Reading Room (Ls 1), in the Newspaper and Periodical Reading Room (Ls 3), and in the Large Format Reading Room (Ls 4) as well as in the reading rooms of the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books, of the Picture Archives and Graphics Department, of the Department of Music and of the Literary Archives , free-of-charge access to the Internet, e-mail, etc. via Wireless LAN. Authentication of entitlement to access network applications is by user ID and password.  

  You are asked to observe the following points:

Compliance with the legal regulations
When using this access you carry responsibility for complying with the current legal regulations, especially copyright, criminal law, and data privacy protection. Pages with content that glorify violence, or are pornographic and/or racist, must not be accessed.

Downloads at your own risk
If, in the course of using our equipment, you download files from the Internet, the utilisation of the programs/scripts on those downloaded files occurs at your own risk. For damage to computer systems or other types of damage the Austrian National Library accepts no responsibility.

No responsibility for damages
The Austrian National Library accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect damages that result from a transfer of data, an error in transferring, a loss of data, data insecurity, or from any other cause. That remains valid even if the damages were the result of technical problems.

Your own mail server is not made available
This service does not include making available your own mail server.

No responsibility for transferred contents
The Austrian National Library accepts no responsibility for contents that are transferred through its W-LAN service. A profit-making commercial use of this service is similarly not permitted. In addition, it is forbidden to dispatch domain names or “present yourself online” by means of mass mailouts (SPAM, etc.) through the W-LAN service.

No excessive transfer of data
Out of consideration for other users we ask you not to indulge in excessive transfer of data, which could cause an overload in the system.

Valid unless revoked
This free-of-charge offer can at any time and without notice be annulled. If that should happen, no complaints against the Austrian National Library will be accepted.


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last update 10/3/2013