Austrian and foreign catalogues

Research in Austria

The Austrian Library Network Search Engine / General Austrian Catalogue
10 million titles from more than 80 Austrian libraries, with main focus from 1980 on. Earlier literature was or is partly recorded in the framework of projects.
Partial catalogue on periodicals and series
A partial catalogue from the General Austrian Catalogue, specialised for periodicals, newspapers, and series.
Overview of Austrian libraries and documentation centres

Austrian libraries, documentation centres, and related institutions. Arranged by provinces of Austria.


Database on informational and documentation centres in the field of humanities and cultural studies in and about Austria.

Research in German-speaking areas and beyond

KVK - Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue)

The KVK (KVC) is a meta-catalogue with reference to more than 500 million books and periodicals in libraries and bookshops all over the world.

Zeitschriftendatenbank - ZDB (Periodical database)
The ZDB (PDB) includes more than 1.3 million titles in all languages from 1500 till today and records 7.2 million ownership rights to those titles in about 4,300 libraries.
The European Library (TEL)

A portal in which 47 national libraries – and of course the Austrian National Library as well – participate. At the moment 150 million data items can be researched, among them digitised holdings.

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