Information on ordering books

If you wish to use a work you have found in the catalogues of the Austrian National Library, you must order it so it can be fetched from the stack (exception: free access holdings).
You may place an order either directly in the online catalogues, or else on the premises you can fill out an order form and hand it in at the information desk at the Heldenplatz or in the Department concerned (order forms for works from the Departments we ask you to hand in at the Department itself).

Where and when the ordered material will be ready for you you can find out in the location list (see the right hand column).

How do I place an order?

Through the Catalogues from "1930 - 1991" and "1992 on” you can order for the following reading rooms/ Departments:

Using the link "Bestellung" (ordering) in the list of results, or "Bestand/Signatur" (holdings call number), or the "Bestellen-Button" (ordering button) in the full display page, you come to the Bestellinformation-Seite (page of information on ordering), where you can see the call number and status (available or in process) and you can place the order at "Bestellen" (ordering).
In the case of periodicals please choose the volume you wish.

How do I register myself in the Catalogues from "1930 - 1991" and "1992 on”?

Type in your ID number (the number of your annual client card) and the password (your birthdate in the format YYYYMMDD), and you will be registered.

If you do not yet have an annual client card, you can turn to our guest access and register yourself giving:
Benutzer-ID (User ID): gast
Passwort (Password): gast
Please then give your name and address when ordering.

Ordering through the Catalogues from "1930 - 1991" and "1992 on" ?

Client area at the Heldenplatz


Works not found in the Departments not named above are to be ordered directly from the Department concerned using order forms (in most cases the order is fulfilled immediately or after a short wait).

Ordering through the Catalogue "1501 - 1929"

These catalogues have an online order form. Please click on the "Bestellen" (order) button in the full display page of the desired work. A new window opens up in which you can type in your name and address. When ordering periodicals (e.g., newspapers and magazines) please make sure to fill in the slot “Bd./Jg” (volume/year), so it is clear which volume (which month/year) is to be prepared for you.

The slot "Entlehn-Nr." (loan number) you must fill in only if you have the right to borrow and would like the work to be held for you where you can pick it up (please note the shorter times of opening of those places where the loans are sent).  

What is a call number (Signatur)?
Every work has a call number. It consists of a number, the size (A,B,C,D,E,F) and the locality marker (e.g., Kar, Flu or Neu Mag, etc.), which informs on where the book ordered can be used (see Locality marker list).

last update 8/24/2012