The client card of the Austrian National Library is valid also in the Map Department.

Usually books ordered are delivered within twenty minutes, maps and views on the next day of opening in the reading room.

Borrowing of objects from the Department is not possible in any circumstances.

Use of particularly valuable and fragile objects is subject to limitations on conservation grounds, but if there is an authentic scientific interest a written application can be made to the director of the Department.


Photocopying is done by staff members if that does not contravene regulations or conservation considerations. When the limitations apply, we draw attention to the possibility of using scans, photographs, and microfilms.

Reproductions price list

Loans for exhibitions

Written requests for loans with indication of the desired objects (if possible with call numbers) are to be directed to the director of the Department. Please supply the name of the borrower, the title, the place and the length of the exhibition.


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last update 2/3/2016