Portrait photographs in the Picture Archive

Ludwig Angerer, Franz Joseph I, albumen print on old mount of the collection

Clara Schumann-Wieck, albumen print in new window mount

Clara Schumann-Wieck, albumen print in open window mount

The Picture Archive houses a rich collection of portrait photographs. In 185 boxes portraits in the format E, 43 x 30 cm, had been stored vertically for a long time. These photographs are now surveyed. Photo historical important photographs are separated, conserved, and stored with new window mounts in archival boxes. An estimated number of 1.000 photographs will be treated in this project.


Conservation consists in cleaning and removal of detrimental supports and adhesive tapes. Original mounts are preserved. Mechanical damage of photographs and mounts like tears of lifting emulsion layers are stabilised. Warped photographs and mounts are flattened. All selected objects are newly mounted in archival board with window mounts and stored flat in archival boxes. The window mounts protect the surface of the photographs. Original mounts on cardboard can be better preserved.


Digitisation of the photographs makes access easier and diminishes the need to handle the originals for research.


last update 12/2/2015