Conservation of a Bibel from the early 16th century

Cover before conservation

Detail of the spine before conservation

Cover after conservation

Conservation of a Bibel from the early 16th century

The latin bible was printed in 1510 by Jacob Mareschal in Lyon. Because of great sales success Mareschal soon got to be a specialist on bible printing.


The surface of the leather go brittle over the years. Because of insect damage there were some greater losses on the spine leather. Therefore loosing its stability. There were also losses and tears in the text block. The head bands were broken.

Conservation report

The surface of the leather was consolidated.  The fragments oft he broken head bands were removed and they were made anew.
The whole leather spine was rebacked with new leather which also stabilised the connection between boards and spine. Therefore the original leather was lifted up in those areas, so that the new leather could be put beneath it.
For further storage the book was put into a slip case made of acidfree boards.



last update 9/3/2015