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Hofburg, Michaelerkuppel, Gottfried-von-Einem-Stiege, 1010 Vienna

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At the sources of literature: The Literary Archives is one of the most significant institutions of its kind in German-speaking areas. Starting from its core task, that of acquiring and making available post mortem and lifetime bequests, it has developed since its inception in 1996 through continuous research and publication to an important location between academic and literary life.

The core holdings of the Archives are made up of holdings acquired since 1945. Among those are e.g., the post mortem and lifetime bequests of Gerhard Amanshauser, Günter Anders, Heimrad Bäcker, Elazar Benyoëtz, Christine Busta, Elfriede Czurda, Elfriede Gerstl, Peter Handke, Ernst Jandl, Walter Kappacher, Robert Menasse, Andreas Okopenko, Gerhard Rühm, Robert Schindel, Margit Schreiner, Julian Schutting, Oswald Wiener and Dorothea Zeemann. However, many bequests and collections are from authors that were among the major representatives of the history of literature and culture in the time between the World Wars, such as Ödön von Horváth, Egon Friedell and Jakob Wassermann. One focus is made up of the bequests of exile authors such as Albert Drach, Erich Fried, Theodor Kramer, Manès Sperber and Hilde Spiel.

The Literary Archives also houses post mortem and lifetime bequests of authors and publicists who as publishers of periodicals had a decisive influence on the development of literature. Among the most important holdings emanating from institutions are the comprehensive archives of the Authors‘ Conference of Graz, the literary publisher Droschl, the Paul Zsolnay publishing house, Milena Publishers, and the edition neue texte. The holdings are supplemented by the collection of audiovisual media, and by a wide range of specialist literature kept in the open access library in the reading room of the Literary Archives.

Through its cultural activities, such as exhibitions, readings, and the series of events called „archive conversations“, the Literary Archives provides a lively contact with modern authors and with the phenomenon of literary creation.