Coptic pottery shard with a request for a medicine

Healing amulet

Chorus song from "Orestes" by Euripides

The Papyrus Museum, with approximately 200 objects on display, allows an insight into the life of the various cultures that have left their imprint on the history of Egypt over the centuries. The start of the exhibition is dedicated to the various ancient writing materials. As well as papyri, parchments and ostraca, writers' palettes and Roman wax tablets are also shown. A highlight is the fragment of a choral ode of Euripides' tragedy "Orestes" with musical notation, which can also be heard in a modern interpretation. Other areas of the permanent display are concerned with mathematics, literature, medicine, music, religion and magic, church history, agriculture and food supply, and the cult of the dead.

last update 10/7/2013