Legal texts

Legal texts of the Reich, the Federal Republic, and of the provinces, and stenographic protocols you can find through our catalogues, and you can order the desired volumes for the reading room. A large number of legal texts are already available online. Volumes that are available online are no longer handed over in the original.

Online legal texts

ALEX - Historical Juridical and Government Law Texts online (till 1945)
Here you can leaf through, read, and look for historical Austrian juridical and governmental law texts online. As well as law texts that concern the whole country, you will find at your disposal the legal texts of the provinces, the collection of juridical texts, stenographic protocols, and the legal texts of the German Reich.
RIS - System of Information on the Law of the Federal Republic (from 1945)
The System of Information on the Law of the Federal Republic is an electronic database operated by the office of the Federal Chancellor. It serves to promulgate the legal decisions in the Federal Law Gazette that have to be made known, and of information on the law of the Federal Republic of Austria. Apart from the Federal legal texts the provincial legal texts and other applications are offered.


Stenographic protocols

Stenographic protocols of the House of Deputies (1861 – 1934) and of the Upper House (1861 – 1918), of the delegation of the Imperial Council (1869 – 1914), and of the First Republic (1918 - IV. GP1934).

The volumes from V.GP1945 - XIX.GP 1994 are to be ordered from the stack by using the call number 543.351-C.Neu Per.

From XX.GP (15.1.1996) on you can read the stenographic protocols on the website of the Parliament at . Those volumes are no longer given out to the public.

Assessments and government submissions from 2002 on can be found in RIS under Bundesrecht - Begutachtungsentwürfe - Regierungsvorlagen ab 2002 (Federal law – assessments – government submissions from 2002 on).

The volumes of addenda are no longer handed over to the public.

In the fee access display in the Main Reading Room (reading room 1) there will be as of now only the Index Volumes of the stenographic protocols from 1920/23 – XIX. GP1994/96 (end of the publication) under  JUR 18-02.

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Legal texts

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