Gods, Moires and Muses

Kurzgefaßte Darstellung der Mythologie für Freunde dieser Wissenschaft. Mit 30 lithographirten Abbildungen. - Prag : in Kommission bey C. W. Enders, 1828.

Austrian National Library, shelfmark: 309.775-B.Alt-Mag 

In no more than 56 pages, this small volume provides only a very short survey of Greek-Roman mythology, confining itself to introducing the „leading characters“. Even so, the „Darstellung (depiction)” deserves to be presented on this site, as this extremely rare volume is not in evidence in any of the other major libraries.
Three folded tables (lithography: Haase & Hennig), showing the images of all mythological figures to whom one of the short chapters is assigned, add to the charme of the book.

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