Esperanto Museum

The Esperanto Museum of the Austrian National Library conveys, on its 80 square metres of museum arranged in a modern style, the vicissitudes of the history of Esperanto, and as well presents in a general way the topic of the relationship of man and language.

Department of Planned Languages

Since its founding by Hugo Steiner in 1927 the Esperanto Museum has had an extensive library, to which the title "Department of Planned Languages" was given in 1990. It is also a documentation site and archives, and is home to the world's biggest technical library on interlinguistics.

Some 500 planned languages are documented. A comprehensive retrospective cataloguing and digitising make it possible that in future large sections of the holdings will successively be made available to clients on the internet. 


Department of Planned Languages and Esperanto Museum
Palais Mollard, Herrengasse 9
PO box 308
1015 Wien
Tel.: (+43 1) 534 10-730
Fax: (+43 1) 534 10-733

Opening hours and access

last update 8/24/2012